This is Me – 2013

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This Is Me

Teague’s 2nd year of preschool is almost here! Can’t believe that my little man is 3 inches taller and ready to rock his preschool 4′s. We got our packet in the mail and while filling out paperwork, I discovered his “This is Me” intro sheet for this year and though I knew the answers, Teague confirmed his favorite things and I played cut and paste. I love this kind of paperwork!

This Is Me

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Super Bowl

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I searched Google images for a Super Bowl image and this one cracked me UP. I don’t know these people, but I want what they’re smoking.


Sunday evening was that wonderful time of the year. SUPER BOWL SUNDAY. Let me be frank. I don’t understand football. Half the time I’m cheering my head off because I think something positive is happening and it takes a dumbfounded look from my husband to realize that the opposite is occurring. I am a bright, intelligent woman…..that has no clue what they’re doing on that field. However, I love the energy and the passion of the players, announcers and fans so I watch and I enjoy. I also love the Super Bowl because it’s an excuse for a party. I love parties! This weekend we had 27 people in our little house. It was chaos. Great, fun chaos. Nine little boys between the ages of 3 and 6, 5 little girls ages 1-4 and 13 slightly frazzled adults. We had great food, friends and lots of toys. This is also the first year that I learned how to make tasty healthy food so I didn’t hate myself after snacking all night because it really wasn’t that bad for me! Good times. Since our season of life is young families, most of our guests took off at half time to attend to bedtimes and that was fine. I tucked Teague into bed and was able to actually watch the game courtesy of the power outage delay. Also, I hate blowout games because they’re totally boring. There’s no excitement when there’s no chance for the other time to win, so I was very glad that the Ravens lost their momentum and the 49’ers were able to come back and make it interesting.

While I was preparing for the party, my mind wandered back through Super Bowl memories. It really is a major event to me.

- First memory of the Super Bowl: I was between 4-7 years old (which could have been ‘87, ‘88 or ‘90) and we lived in Alamosa, CO. The Broncos were in the Super Bowl and my dad had a party. All I remember is that we had a cake shaped and decorated like a Broncos helmet. That was amazing.
- 2004 The Great Wardrobe Malfunction Janet Jackson/Justin Timberlake – Party held at our Pastor Walt Robert’s house
- 2005 Up on the big projector screens in the sanctuary at Kingman Christian Church. Good times!
- 2009 I was in San Antonio for work and our team had earned a Super Bowl Party as a placing incentive. It was such a great time hanging out with colleagues watching the game and rooting for the Arizona Cardinals because they were the underdog. I remember having pizza and awards and just an awesome time. Oh, and watching an episode of The Office with Jeremy Foster and Ryan Davis after it was over. So much fun…
- 2010 Exchange student party at Ashlee Lierman’s house. She’s from New Orleans and the Saints were in the Super Bowl so we had a lot invested in that game. Great class of exchange students that year. That was the beginning of our bonding that year before two subsequent trips and forever friendships formed. Love love LOVE those kids. Oh, and the Saints won!
- 2011 Exchange student party at Tricia Powell’s house. Fun time just relaxing and hanging out and also brought Bonnie Aksamit to do a Silpada party. At least there was some pretty jewelry sold! :)

Great time on Memory Lane for me… Do you have any good Super Bowl memories to share?

P.S. Funny quotes of this year’s halftime show from the 3 year olds watching Beyonce, “I think she forgot her pants.” “No, I think she got dressed that way..??”

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30 Day Blogging Challenge

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So I have been trying to think through how to jump back in to blogging after a year off. I think that a challenge is the way to do it. I feel like I have so much to say but no direction. Maybe some little topical posts for a month will help me organize my thoughts and decide where I want to go with it. Should be fun!



Guess Who’s Back!

Posted by Rachael on February 1, 2013 in Things I Never Thought I Say |

I’m going to get back on the blogging horse!


This is Me!

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2012-08-20 141810

Teague starts preschool on Wednesday and in the packet was a sheet to fill out called “This is Me!” I thought I would share.

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If Teague Could Write a Letter Today

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A friend sent me a message on Facebook today and it inspired me to write this blog post so you can all have a peek into my world. Enjoy!

Dear Teague,

Hope you’re feeling better! You looked very brave in your pictures, and we envy all the ice cream you must get to eat. Hope you and your mom are both getting some good rest, and we’re looking forward to seeing you again!

Ava & Kieran (age 4 and age 1)

[my response]

Dear Ava & Kieran,

Today I felt very icky. I guess that on the 5th day after my surgery, my ears start to hurt anytime I swallow. Mommy made me take the yucky medicine instead of the cherry stuff because she said it was stronger. I didn’t care, I just kicked and screamed my head off and Daddy had to hold me down. I get sad and angry really fast like a race car right now, and I’m always cold. My friend, Levi, came over today to watch TV with me, but he just offended me a lot and then I smacked him and made him cry. Mommy looks tired, but my throat hurts and that’s all I can think about.

I hope you had fun at the zoo. I’m jealous that you get to run and play. Mommy and Daddy won’t let me run right now…or have chips. They’re mean.


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Goodbye Tonsils!

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Teague is having surgery next Friday. Time to say goodbye to those huge tonsils, adenoids and put in another set of ear tubes to replace the set that has already fallen out.  If you ever have the misfortune to have your child go through this procedure, here’s what we have done/are doing/plan to do to handle this exciting little life event.

First of all, I owe any semblance of calm to reading this book:

The “O, MY” in Tonsillectomy & Adenoidectomy: how to prepare your child for surgery, a parent’s manual

by Laurie Zelinger Ph.D.

Mock me if you will, but it has walked me through how to explain this whole thing to an almost-three-year-old along with helpful questions to ask the doctors involved, how to incorporate it into daily conversations, increasing Teague’s comfort level, and had lists of things that will potentially prove useful to have on hand. I am so much more at ease having read this beforehand.

Books we have read with Teague to encourage talking about his tonsillectomy/adenoidectomy and how he feels about it:


Goodbye Tonsils! is really the one that Teague has focused on and because of that, we’re going to have a “Goodbye Tonsils!” party the evening before his surgery. He requested a strawberry cake and tells everyone we meet how excited he is about it.

Franklin talks about being brave even when you’re scared.

Barney is Best talks about different situations where his favorite stuffed animal has been a source of comfort and plans to take him to the hospital for his tonsillectomy.

A couple great printables that I’ve made to help stay organized are the medication checklist and the parent medical organizer. I’ve enabled both for download in doc and pdf.





We also plan to play Operation this weekend without the batteries. :)

In order to keep him aware of the timeframe, we instituted a countdown activity of hatching a dinosaur egg each night before bed with the last egg hatching the night before we go to the hospital. Gotta love the dollar store! Teague LOVES it!

Anyways, we need prayers for a healthy child over the next week. Any sickness can possibly postpone the procedure (say that 3 times fast). We also need prayer on the sheer fact that we are supposed to keep our squirrelly little guy relatively inactive for TEN days. WHAT??? We’re working on lots of little sedentary busy activities and checking out the library’s movie selection!

I hope that some of these ideas and printables help if you end up in the same boat as us! I’ll be sure to post the results of our planning!


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Garden 2012

Posted by Rachael on March 21, 2012 in Gardening, Hobbies |

Sorry to be so MIA, but life happened and continues to happen. Rather than feel guilty about my bloglessness, I will share a quick fun thing. Spring is here/almost here! Justin has been an absolute sweetheart and is DIY’ing a couple fence picket raised beds for this year’s garden! I’m trying to be organized about it and not just running to the store every couple days to buy a new plant that I decided I want to grow, so I googled “free vegetable garden planner” and utilized their 45 day free trial at http://www.plangarden.com. Ta da! Here’s my garden plan! Whatcha think? What are you planting this spring? Any tips on any of the varieties I’ll be growing?

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Cartoona by Robert Burke

Posted by Justin on March 13, 2012 in Board Games, Hobbies |

Hello everybody! It’s me, the Justin that Rachael keeps talking about. I’m finally posting too!

Many of you know I’m a big fan of board games, and I’m always looking for fun new games to give a go. One of the things I’m always trying to watch for, is games that I can play with Teague. Something both Teague and myself will enjoy. A friend of mine pointed me towards the Kickstarter for Cartoona, a up-and-coming board game by Robert Burke.

Cartoona looks like it could be a lot of fun for both kids and adults alike. The idea is that you are randomly drawing tiles and trying to make an animal out of the tiles you have. There are even more complicated modes to raise the challenge level and make it more engaging for older audiances. I was so impressed with how the game looks that I decided to back it. As of the writing of this post Cartoon has raised almost $10,000 of the $14,000 goal, and has about 20 more days to go.

If you have kids and are looking for a fun spatial game to play with them, I highly recommend backing Cartoona so that it can be made into a reality.

For $25 you get your own copy and for $40, you get two! What a deal for a Christmas present, since everyone is going to want it once their kids come over and play it with mine. :) That’s just two of the levels of support.

Here is a little extra info about the game from Tom Vasel in a preview he did.


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Interview Questions from Miss Mary

Posted by Rachael on March 12, 2012 in About Us |

Under duress (no, just kidding!) from one of my favorite people in the beautiful city of San Francisco, I will be sharing the answers to a few heart-tugging questions with you tonight. Unfortunately, I’m not able to tag her because I’m writing this on the tablet in bed rather than at my full-fledged PC in a tremendous effort to kick this annoyingly persistent fever and cough IN THE FACE. Forgive me, Mrs. Donatelli, I promise to try to add a blog roll soon and encourage some highly deserved traffic your way. And with that wordy opening, let’s proceed:

When I’m nervous I…

I never could…
be the popular girl. A type A go-getter with high hopes and all the assertiveness in the world still never had it in the cards for me. I’m probably better for it, but school sucked for me. HARD.

If I could have a fantasy dinner with any guests I wanted, they would be…
Petra Netopilova, Giacomo Panizzolo, Felix Haerpfer, Martin Netopil (my former exchange sons/daughter) and my husband. Oh boy, what a discussion THAT would be!

If I’ve learned one thing two things in life, it would be…
1.To take care of yourself in every way, because you can’t care for others if you don’t take care of yourself. That is physically, mentally, spiritually, relationships, work, parenting and on and on. You can burn out…or worse.
2. If you ever think something nice about someone to yourself (ie oh, wow, she looks so nice today! Man, she is such a gem. Someone I really look up to.) SAY IT OUT LOUD. Don’t be intimidated. Don’t think it will bother them to take their time. Chances are that NOBODY has said it and you just brightened their day. Life’s short, say every encouraging thing you can to as many people as you can.

If I could change one thing about myself it would be…
My self-sufficiency, or rather the lack thereof. “Hon, can you grab that for me? Babe, can you fix this? Sweetheart, I can’t figure this out! *childish stomping*” Grrrrrrrr… If my husband would write a tell-all, I would stick my head in the sand. It is so ingrained in me it’s beyond maddening. I wonder if I hadn’t married at 21 if I would be more self-sufficient since I married a Jack-of-all-trades. Eh…then I would’ve made the stupidest mistake of my life so we won’t ruminate on that very long.

The best advice a parent ever gave me was…
Dad: You’re not ready to be married until you’re ready to be single. This is a striking parallel to finding your self-worth in a place other than your spouse. Difficult concept and I would say, oh…about 50% don’t get at all and takes years and years for the lucky ones.

Behind my back, people say…
This is super hard because I am my harshest critic. This tends to take this question to the dark end  of the spectrum for me and encourages a very unhealthy behavior often called “mind-reading.” I’m going to go with my recent thoughts that others have felt me to be brusque, uncaring and uninterested in them. Not to make excuses (particularly if that is not even the case), but it really was the lack of time and attention I was able to spend on them and did not reflect on them personally in the slightest. When I get busy, I get short and to the point.

My favorite cliche is…
Actions speak louder than words.

I’m compulsive about…
Order, routine, schedules, organization

Somebody’s coming over, I…
Well, it depends who it is? I pick up toys and try to clean the kitchen, but if it’s my close friends, I probably won’t even think about it til they’re here. Just we have an understanding like that. Goes something like this, “My house is a disaster.” “I don’t care.” “*relief* Oh good!”

I am completely baffled by…
Anything relating to both spatial and mechanical intelligence. See my recent sewing machine post.

Something I’m bad at…
See above bafflement. Also, simplifying (saying no) and asking for help. Unless, that is, you are my husband. In which case, I’m the neediest creature on the planet.

I’m not so good at tagging, so I will just hope you enjoyed this revealing little exercise I did for Mary. It’s only cuz she’s stellar.

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